These Danish Businesses Were Fined for Spamming

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writer icon Laura Jensen     Lindsey LaMont   |   Business     🕐 06. Nov. 2020

Four Danish companies, Aurora Financial, Falck Assistance, Leadsense, and 3C Retail, have each been ordered to pay approximately DKK 10 000 in fines for sending spam through a subcontractor.

The four companies are being held financially accountable for sending out numerous text messages and illegal emails to consumers without their consent.

By doing so, they have violated the 'Danish Marketing Act' and the Danish ban on unsolicited electronic inquiries, also known as the 'Spam Ban'.

The spam has been distributed through different affiliate networks.

The order leaves Aurora Financial, Falck Assistance, Leadsense, and 3C Retail claiming that they are without fault, but the companies can not hide behind any third party operator, explains Christina Toftegaard Nielsen from the Danish Consumer Representative Supervisory Authority appointed by the Ministry of Business and Growth.

"It is the responsibility of companies to make sure that the consumers they contact have consented to receive marketing," said Toftegaard Nielsen.

She adds: "Companies cannot abdicate that responsibility even if they pay subcontractors to be in charge of marketing."

The Danish law states that a company may not contact a person through electronic mail, such as mail or text message, for the purpose of direct marketing, without the recipient's prior consent.

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