DFDS Can No Longer Afford Running Two Ferries

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writer icon Mette Jensen     DFDS   |   Business     🕐 30. Oct. 2020

Increasing infection rates and stricter travel restrictions have further reduced the number of passengers on DFDS’ ferry routes between Copenhagen (DK) – Oslo (NO) and Frederikshavn (DK) – Oslo (NO) in recent weeks.

“With the worsening situation, there are simply too few passengers on board to maintain a full sailing schedule, and therefore we are unfortunately forced to reduce the service to one ship until mid-February,” said Kasper Moos, Vice President and Head of DFDS’ passenger business.

“This means that from November 2nd, there will in principle be departures every other day from each port instead of every day. We will now inform customers about this via e-mails, social media and DFDS website," said Moos.

“With the reduced sailing schedule, Pearl Seaways will be DFDS’ only passenger ship operating between Denmark and Norway, while Crown Seaways will be docked in Copenhagen until mid-February,” Moos added.

The laying-up of Crown Seaways will, unfortunately, have consequences for the number of employees on board.

“It means that we have to say goodbye to 20 waiters working on Crown. It is very unfortunate as they are all colleagues who have worked hard to help ensure continued operation,” said Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, DFDS’ Chief People Officer.

“The other crew members in service functions on board are covered by an agreement on shorter turns and a pay reduction with the trade union Metal Maritime, and the ship’s technical operating crew can use accumulated overtime or be transferred to other ships. This means that we gain time until the start of the new year and so far can keep most of our very experienced employees, so we can quickly restart the route if the COVID-19 situation improves within a few months,” said Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel.

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