Danish Authorities Introduce New COVID-19 Regulations

New Danish COVID Regulations

writer icon Laura Jensen     Danish Government   |   City     🕐 29. Oct. 2020

With infection rates at an all-time high in Denmark, the Danish government have now made further restrictions.

As of today, a new restriction is coming into effect in Danish society.

It is, as of today, a requirement to wear a face covering or visor in all indoor places with public access such as in shops, malls, at youth educations and at cultural sites and more.

It is still required for all travelling with any kind of public transport to wear a face covering or visor during the journey, states the Danish government officials. This requirement was introduced on August 22nd 2020.

The new requirement is provisionally valid until 2 January 2021.

“At a minimum, it [the requirement] will continue for the rest of the year and probably longer,” said Benny Engelbrecht, Minister of Transport in the Danish government.

Jobs are, as of today, not covered by the new requirement. However, the Danish authorities strongly encourage businesses and organisations to let as many people as possible to work from home.

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