Deputy CEO Leaves the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Niels Peder Nielsen

writer icon Laura Jensen     Novo Nordisk Foundation   |   Business     🕐 21. Oct. 2020

The Novo Nordisk Foundation's deputy CEO, Niels Peder Nielsen is leaving his position after only two years at the Danish Foundation.

Nielsen will be deputy CEO until the end of this month.

“We are now in a more operational phase in the fund's development, where it is no longer necessary for the fund to have a deputy CEO. I have discussed this with Niels Peder Nielsen, and since we have not been able to agree on his new role in the fund, we have agreed that he will stop at the end of October,” said Lars Rebien Sørensen, Chairman of the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

The change is an extension of an organisational process that was initiated to realise the fund's strategy for the period 2019-2023, where Niels Peder Nielsen was hired to strengthen the management of the fund in a growth phase.

"In the last two years, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has expanded its focus areas, and at the same time the organisation has almost doubled in size. This has placed great demands on a strengthening of processes in the fund, which Niels Peder Nielsen has made a major contribution to realising. I would like to thank him for that,” said Lars Rebien Sørensen.

Prior to joining the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Niels Peder Nielsen was a senior partner at Bain & Company, where he advised the Novo Nordisk Foundation on the development of the foundation's latest strategy. He has more than 25 years of experience in management consulting.

“I have appreciated the opportunity to shape the Novo Nordisk Foundation's strategy over the past eight years. First as an advisor and the last 2 years on the Executive Board in a good collaboration with Birgitte Nauntofte. With the establishment of new support areas and the strengthening of organisation and processes, the foundation is now well on its way to realising the strategy for 2023. Thus, my role is undergoing a change, and we have decided that I will stop,” said Niels Peder Nielsen.

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