ICEYE Offers Public Access to Radar Satellite Imagery


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Back in 2018 at Slush, Pekka Laurila, Co-founder of ICEYE, was being interviewed by Jyri Engeström, Founding Partner at Yes VC. Laurila stated in the onstage interview that ICEYE would opensource part of their work.

True to his word the Finnish startup now announced access to ICEYE's Public Archive, containing nearly 18 000 images from ICEYE satellites.

The ICEYE Public Archive includes radar imagery in various imaging modes taken with ICEYE’s SAR satellite constellation between mid-2019 and now.

The ICEYE Public Archive
The ICEYE Public Archive consists of preview images from around the world, which are released under CC BY-NC 4.0 license, allowing for non-commercial use.

“The ICEYE SAR satellite constellation is here for the global community of decision makers, data users, and more, to improve our shared world around us all,” said Rafal Modrzewski, CEO and Co-founder of ICEYE.

And added: “The ICEYE Public Archive opens up a unique view of the world, which we invite you to explore together with us.”

Easy Access
The ICEYE Public Archive is provided as a downloadable file through the ICEYE website, showing the locations and time of imaging for each thumbnail in the Archive.

After downloading the file, users can open it with their Geographic Information System (GIS) program of choice, such as Google Earth Pro or QGIS, making exploring the world of radar satellite imaging accessible for all.

“Every day, ICEYE provides unique access to data and information for our customers that hasn’t been available before,” said Steve Young, Vice President, Business Development and Sales, ICEYE.

“Our customers and the global community of Earth observation data explorers now have access to some of the imagery that has been collected in the prior years by ICEYE's SAR satellite constellation. The ICEYE Public Archive provides additional inspiration for what can be achieved in the future,” Young added.

The ICEYE Public Archive is available to download today.

The Public Archive does not contain the full catalogue of ICEYE imagery, as customer exclusivity applies in many cases.

The ICEYE SAR data associated with the preview images presented in the Public Archive can be ordered in the ICEYE standard image formats by following the order process described in the ICEYE Product Guide.

We believe that information should be free and will therefore never put up a paywall.

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