Anders Holch Povlsen's new Head of Communications Quits Before Starting

Anders Holch Povlsen

writer icon Hanne Larsen       |   Business     🕐 29. Sep. 2020

Before his first day at work, Niels Christian Jung quit due to 'personal reasons'.

In mid-September 2020, Bestseller announced happily that Jung would be taking over as the new Head of Communications. The Danish private company, which is owned and operated by the country's second-richest man Anders Holch Povlsen, has not given any further detail on what has caused this.

However, in his role as CEO of Bestseller, Povlsen commented at the time of hiring Jung:

“As a private company, we are probably not known as the ones who communicate the most. However, we want to communicate clearly and precisely about the things that concern us and our industry, and that requires some nuances. We have confidence that Niels Christian with his experience can help build the bridge that makes room for just this."

Jung was due to take over the position as Communications Manager at Bestseller on 1 October, from the temporary Morten Norlyk who, according to the previous plan, should have focused on the sustainable communication for the fashion group.

Jung was allegedly set to change communication strategy in Bestseller. Any new strategies have, however, not yet been disclosed.

Jung is not the first to quit the position of Communications Manager at Bestseller. Line Ernlund who also held the same position quit after a few months, also due to purported 'personal reasons'.

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