Naturli Launches Plant-based Yoghurt

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writer icon Laura Jensen     Naturli   |   Sustainability     🕐 28. Aug. 2020

The Danish food production company, Naturli, has released three new products in their new line of yoghurts.

The New Product Line
In an aim to change the Danish and Scandinavian consumers' eating habits to greener alternatives, Naturli has created a Naturel, Pear-Banana, and Strawberry yoghurt.

"The new plant-based yoghurt can replace the traditional animal yoghurt," stated the company.

Both taste, colour and texture are like the traditional animal yoghurt, Naturli explained.

“The Consumers are ready to taste the plant-based version. That's why we've been working hard for a couple of years to get the taste and creamy texture just right. We have tested and tested until all our taste buds were completely worn out,” said CEO of Naturli, Henrik Lund.

"The plant-based yoghurt from Naturli tastes of a greener future. A good taste in the mouth in every way,” Lund added.

Markets Ready for Greens Meals
Naturli has been the Danish market leader in plant-based foods since 1988. With Sweden and Norway's interest in green alternatives to the traditional meat- and dairy-filled dishes, the potential for Naturli is on the rise.

However, why stop there? Naturli expects to be in 10 export markets within 2 years with plant-based yoghurt.

The Green Consumer
With the consequences of climate change already being prominent, the Danish consumers are starting to try out the newly created green alternatives.

"I've been a vegan for over five years now, so for me it doesn't make much of a difference. But it does makes a difference for my family, my sister and brother have tried several vegan products and actually prefer it to the real thing," said 38-year-old Danish consumer, Christian Jensen.

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