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The Launch of Inside Scandinavian Business

The Launch Party of Inside Scandinavian Business

writer icon Brooke Illummont     Janus Langhorn   |   Startups     🕐 25. Sep. 2017

On the 20 of September at 16:00 (4PM) Inside Scandinavian Business launched for the first time. The web based newspaper was published online. Starting off with a modest selection of diverse articles, videos and striking photos as well as some commercial banners. Later that same evening the launch was celebrated with a mixture of people from different startups and businesses in Scandinavia.

The online newspaper Inside Scandinavian Business is founded and run by myself, Brooke Illummont. With a background as a program developer and a passion for entrepreneurship, which stretches back to my childhood, I understand, that it is tough starting your own business, especially if it is IT-related in one way or another. If you start an IT-related business, whether you want it or not, you are instantaneously in competition with the whole world.

My aim is to make information about the Scandinavian business market, tech market, and the culture accessible to people, both inside and outside Scandinavia. Which businesses are frontrunners within their field? What does the future and development of our cities look like? How are the cultures within Norway, Denmark and Sweden changing? How are we changing the technology -and how it is changing us?

The Launch Party

Care Of Malmo
The launch party of Inside Scandinavian Business was held as an evening event in collaboration with one of Malmö’s best cocktail bars Care of. The two owners of the bar, Stefan and Christian where absolutely amazing. They created in true Scandinavian style all the drinks served at the launch party, and made sure that the drinks were made with 100% Scandinavian ingredients. Having been blessed with beautiful weather, people where mingling and networking outside in the evening sun. And without any particular planning, people attending the launch party, where from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and even one from the US.

The entrepreneur and blogger Filip Johansen filmed the Launch Party. So if you missed it, have a look here:

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