Jysk Enters Russia

JYSK in Russia

writer icon Laura Jensen     Jysk   |   Business     🕐 04. Aug. 2020

In the midst of COVID-19, Jysk opened their first store in Moscow, Russia. Now two months later, Jysk has opened two additional stores in Moscow.

The Opening
The first store opening was somewhat quiet, but this was to be expected as it had been decided not to launch any marketing in the run up to the opening of the first store.

“Since we had not done any marketing, and since there are not a lot of people on the streets, the day started a bit slow. But it became better and better during the day," stated Country Manager at Jysk Russia, Igor Raić, on the day of the opening.

COVID-19 and the Expansion Into Russia
The store opening in Moscow had already been rescheduled due to the unforeseen coronavirus suddenly taking over the world.

“When we decided to open the first store on 3 June 2020, it was after twelve weeks of complete lockdown in Russia, so understandably it has taken some time for customers to get back into retail stores,” Country Manager at Jysk Russia, Igor Raić told ISB.

He added: “However, we are optimistic, and we believe strongly that Jysk will also become a success in Russia like that in many other countries across the world.”

Now two months later, Jysk has opened to additional stores in Moscow and have reported to ISB that they are already experiencing promising numbers of customers in all three stores, "so we are quite satisfied,” Raić said.

A Natural Next Market
Entering the Russian market was no swift decision. It had been discussed prior to the founder Lars Larsen's death in August last year.

“The decision to enter Russia was taken in Jysk quite some time ago, and it was a common decision made by both Lars Larsen, his son Jacob Brunsborg and the top management team in Jysk,”

“With stores in all major European markets, Russia was the natural next step for Jysk, and we have large ambitions to make our expansion to the Russian market a successful one,” said Raić.

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