Fast Support to Russian hospitals in Corona fight

Podolsk region

writer icon Tormod Birch     Evgeny Krasnokutskiy   |   Business     🕐 31. Jul. 2020

Danish Grundfos has taken quick action to support hospitals in Russia with DDE dosing pumps in the fight against COVID-19. The Corona pandemic still challenges many countries around the world, including Russia where many hospitals are facing an overflow of patients infected by the virus.

The Russian government is currently building temporary hospitals across the country to assist the healthcare system that is under immense pressure. To support this initiative, Grundfos acted swiftly in order to deliver DDE 15-4 dosing pumps to two hospitals in the cities of Podolsk and Voronovsky in the Moscow region.

“In the situation of combating COVID-19, we try to respond promptly to requests from medical institutions,” said Sergey Zakharov, BS and industry department director, GMO.

The dosing pumps are being used as a part of a medical wastewater treatment system, installed by VDK, a Russian engineering company. Additionally, they are being used in ambulance vehicle cleaning stations, where the dosing equipment significantly increases the efficiency and speed of each ambulance vehicle disinfection.

“I believe, it’s vital that we have enough dosing pumps on stock in our warehouses so that we are able to act fast and decisively in our response to COVID-19,” said Sergey Zakharov, and added: 

“I’m glad that we managed to realise such an important project in a short time, because at Grundfos we are not only responsible for pumps, but also for the community and society we are a part of.”

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