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writer icon Laura Jensen     ISB   |   Tech     🕐 30. Jul. 2020

This year, the enrolment of women in ITU's bachelor's program in software development breaks all records.

Technical interest
The university has received 1805 applications, of which 763 list it as a first priority. This is a growth of 15 percent in the number of 1st priority applications.

The bachelor's program in software development is this year's most sought after program, which is largely due to an increased interest from female applicants.

27 Percent Female
It affects this year's admissions. As many as 27 percent of the places on the program go to female applicants, which is a record.

“It is very gratifying that we now see that both women and men find it relevant to study a bachelor's degree in software development,” said Lene Rehder, Head of Studies at the IT University.

“For several years, we have worked purposefully to increase the interest of women in studying the more technical IT educations, and we're now seeing the efforts are bearing fruit,” Rehder added.

ITU's efforts to promote the tougher technical courses started in 2015, when the gender ratio in these bachelor's programs were 89 percent men to 11 percent women.

Data Science
ITU's education in Data Science also piques the interest of women. Here, women make up 30 percent of the admitted students, compared with 28 percent last year.

Increased Uptake Due to COVID-19
This year, ITU will increase enrolment of students by 26 percent compared to 2019.

A total of 504 applicants will be offered a place.

This sharp growth in the number of admissions is largely due to the political decision to increase enrolment in higher education due to the pandemic.

“We are glad that we do not have to reject quite as many applicants this year as we usually do, but the growth is due in part to the extra uptake due to Corona, which politicians decided shortly before the summer holidays”.

“In addition, we are also increasing the number of seats as a result of the temporary STEM pool launched by political teams last year. The increased enrolment is thus only to a limited extent an expression of a permanent growth in the number of study places,” Rehder explained.


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