Unleashing the Bioeconomy Potential


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A new coalition of forward-looking businesses and senior leaders will drive change across the bioeconomy value chain. BioAdvantage Europe aim to show a path to sustainable high-quality growth and decarbonisation of our society.

A New Approach Needed
The bioeconomy has a vital role to play in creating low-carbon growth and durable jobs in Europe, but progress has stalled because the sustainability impact of biofuels is contested and trust is low. To move beyond this impasse a new approach that drives systems-level action by focusing on the bioeconomy as a whole is needed.

Scania Part of the Solution
The Swedish company Scania have chosen to take part in the developing of a thriving bioeconomy and are now working in partnership with other companies across sectors, who share the vision for a thriving and sustainable bioeconomy in Europe.

Full Potential for Biofuels
In 2018 Scania launched a collaboration with Xynteo, a cross-industry platform for connecting ideas, to explore the full potential for biofuels and the wider bioeconomy in Europe.

“Sustainable biofuels are the only technology that can enable us to make cuts in emissions quickly enough, here and now, in vehicles that are on the road. And we are simply not doing enough in Europe to fulfil the opportunity that biofuels offer,” said Scania´s CEO Henrik Henriksson.

Over the past year, Scania has worked together with companies like Avril, Lantmännen, Novozymes, Neste and Yara, to identify opportunities for unleashing growth in the bio-economy in Europe. The project has engaged experts, business leaders and stakeholders across different sectors of the bioeconomy, to map opportunities for growth and identify barriers to its development.

End-to-end Perspective
“What differentiates our initiative is that it is driven bottom-up by the private sector and takes a comprehensive end-to-end perspective of the bioeconomy" said Åsa Pettersson, Scania´s Head of Public Affairs & Sustainability.

“It provides a platform to create pilot projects showing the value of the bioeconomy and is policy-focused for immediate impact on Europe’s economy,” Pettersson added.

The partners in the BioAdvantage Europe coalition will be working together to build awareness and understanding of the bio-economy, provide clear and credible guidance to policymakers on social, sustainability and carbon implications of bioeconomy policy decisions and explain the benefits of the bioeconomy for decarbonisation, rural growth, jobs, innovation and society.

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