Telenor Contributes NOK 11.8 Million to a New AI Research Centre

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writer icon Hanne Larsen     Telenor   |   Tech     🕐 02. Jul. 2020

Telenor will contribute NOK 11.8 million to the Norwegian Centre for Research-Based Artificial Intelligence Innovation (CRAI), an investment in line with the Research Council of Norway’s recent announcement to invest NOK two billion in 22 Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI), which includes CRAI.

“CRAI’s primary objective is to accelerate the innovation of sustainable and trustworthy artificial intelligence solutions across industries in Norway," said Ieva Martinkenaite, Vice President of Telenor Research.

And added "With its own ambitions of becoming data-driven, Telenor has a strong interest in research and innovation that revolves around AI.”

CRAI is scheduled to start up on 1 October 2020 and will run until 2028.

Part of the NTNU
The centre, hosted at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), will complement the co-located Norwegian Open AI Lab (NAIL) which itself was established by Telenor and partners in 2017.

“CRAI’s strong focus will be on applied research and innovation on top of NAIL’s effort in basic research and education. As a partner and a funder, Telenor is proud to have contributed to putting AI on the map in Norway through NAIL,” said Massimiliano Ruocco, work package leader of CRAI and senior research scientist at Telenor.

According to Ruocco, CRAI will potentially attract research funding from all over Europe in the years to come.

“The centre will provide a strong and robust arena for industry, and research and academic institutions to collaborate on the development of AI ideas and techniques," said Ruocco.

"CRAI partners and collaborators will be able to share results and iteratively explore how relevant technology can transform existing businesses and enable entirely new business avenues. As a partner, this will strengthen Telenor’s competitiveness and innovation power going forward,” Ruocco added.

NOK 260 million
CRAI is set to operate until 2028 with a total budget of NOK 260 million.

“Telenor Research will take leadership in some of the projects while contributing to active research, piloting use cases, and conduct knowledge sharing, presentations, and workshops in others. Seeing already the scope of benefits AI can offer our business and society as a whole, we are excited to take part in this new journey together with our fellow CRAI partners," Ruocco concludes.

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