27 000 IT Crimes Have Been Reported to the Danish Police

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writer icon Samuel Christiansen     Dansk Politi   |   Ethics     🕐 26. Jun. 2020

Tens of thousands of IT crimes have been reported to the Danish police's new department: LCIK (Landsdækkende Center for It-relateret økonomisk Kriminalitet)

LCIK was established in December 2018 and has since then received 26 923 reports on IT-related crime.

LCIK was created to simplify the process of reporting IT crimes. Previously, various inputs were used to report digital crime, but now the individual police districts forward cases to the national department, LCIK.

Online Shopping
The reported IT crimes cover an array of crimes, however, the majority of crimes reported have been cases of fraud between individuals shopping online.

"We are not surprised by this, as this is a trend we have been following since LCIK went into operation," said Torben Svarrer, Senior Police inspector and Manager for the Special Operations Unit under the Copenhagen Police, where LCIK is located.

Svarrer stated further that it is "a prioritised area" for the police.

Victims of Fraud
Young people are in particular being cheated online when trying to get a good deal on electronics or goods, as Svarrer explained.

"We can recognise that many young people are being cheated. Young men between the ages 15-19, are being tricked when trying to buy electronics, cell phones, tablets, etc., or designer clothes and shoes over the internet" said Torben Svarrer.

Reported IT Crimes

  • Trade fraud 36.9%

  • Abuse of card information 22%

  • Credit fraud 11.9%

  • Extortion 7.8%

  • Contact fraud against private 7%

  • Contact fraud against companies 3.1%

  • Abuse of access to online banking 6.3%

  • Fake Websites 1.3%

  • Other 3.7%

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