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writer icon Laura Jensen     DBA   |   Tech Ethics     🕐 24. Jun. 2020

The Danish Data Protection Authority have announced that they are looking into DBA's compliance with the rules for processing personal data on DBA's website visitors.

New Guidelines for Processing Data
This is in continuation with the Danish Data Protection Authority, which was introduced in February 2020 issuing new guidelines for processing personal data.

"When a user visits a website, it must be an active option for the user to allow the company to collect or pass on the users' information," said Office Manager of the Data Inspectorate Astrid Mavrogenis.

"Now enough time has passed to allow for website owners etc. to be able to adhere to the guidelines, and we are now, therefore, focusing on whether they are compliant with the new rules," said Mavrogenis.

DBA's Large User Pool
With DBA being Denmark's largest provider of private buying and selling of goods and unique user numbers of around 1 million a day, the company has caught the interest of the Danish Data Protection Agency.

The Danish Data Protection Agency processes complaints about websites' processing of personal data, but also creates cases on companies they suspect are not compliant with current Danish rules and regulations. In this case, they have chosen to look into DBA.

Owned by eBay
The company is today owned by eBay, but was established in 1981 in Denmark. Today the company employs approximately 200 employees, located at the offices in Aarhus and Frederiksberg, Denmark.

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