11 Hackers Arrested by Danish Police

Danish Hackers arrested

writer icon Laura Jensen     Muhannad Ajjan   |   Tech     🕐 19. Jun. 2020

The Danish personal authorisation system, NemID, has been hacked and several individuals in Denmark are now 100 000 - 200 000 Danish Kroner poorer.

Hackers Were Apprehended
Yesterday at 5 AM in the early hours of the morning the Danish police arrested 11 hackers at different addresses in Denmark.

All of the arrested were male and between 16 and 30 years of age.

The Danish police has been processing several cases in which individuals have been robbed of several hundred thousands of Danish Kroner.

"In our opinion, this is organised crime, which also has a high degree of planning over it, which includes a wide range of circumstances and thus also a large number of innocent citizens who have been exposed to this," said Head of Special Investigation West, Police Inspector Carit Andersen.

Stolen Passwords
The user-ID was retrieved by the hackers by installing a keylogger on the libraries' and other public computers.

When individuals then went to use those computers, the user-ID and passwords were stolen, whereafter the hackers were able to log onto their bank accounts and retrieve money from the victims' bank account.

"In this case, it is our assessment that the defendants in many cases have gained access to the victims NemID and thus their key cards and thereby gained access to their bank accounts," said Andersen.

The Hearing
The 11 suspects arrested will be in a constitutional hearing on Thursday at 8 PM in the Court of Aarhus, Denmark, the Danish police reports.

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