Nets New Passport Reader Brings Security and Simplicity to Remote Identification

Nets Passport Reader

writer icon Carsten Kristensen     Nets   |   Tech     🕐 05. Jun. 2020

Nets introduces a completely new way to identify customers securely from a distance.

Passport Reader Service
The Nets Passport Reader service bridges the gap between physical ID documents and digital identification, with the help of a simple smartphone app.

The service has no geographical limitations and is compatible with passports from over 130 countries.

Demand for Digital Identification
Demand for digital identification is growing rapidly and will likely only increase, given the current worldwide focus on social distancing.

The Nets Passport Reader offers a simple, easy-to-use and secure way to authenticate a person remotely, even without an electronic ID.

This opens the doors for new possibilities for banks, companies and societies to provide secure access to sensitive data.

It also allows for customer onboarding for Know Your Customer-related tasks more flexibly without the need for an eID or face-to-face contact.

“The Nordic countries are front runners when it comes to the use of digital identification, both in the public and private sectors,” commented Kai Olshausen, Senior Business Manager, Nets.

“The Nets Passport Reader offers a new secure and frictionless method of digital identification for use in many different scenarios, ranging from the needs of public officials to private companies,” adds Olshausen.

In Use in Norway
The Nets Passport Reader is now being utilised by the Norwegian authorities to address a variety of identification needs for people who do not yet possess a Norwegian eID. ​

“The use of the Nets Passport Reader has enabled a secure way to remotely authenticate people who need access to online public services,” said Stig Slaatto-Hornnes, Product Manager, the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency.

“Thanks to the successful collaboration between Nets and the Norwegian authorities, we have established a digital onboarding process for our MyID service in a short period of time. This is especially important at a time where physical attendance is not an option and it will also give us invaluable experience for future initiatives,” Slaatto-Hornnes added.

Authentication and Security Standards
When it comes to digital identification, security is paramount. The Nets Passport Reader is part of Nets’ existing authentication services, which operate with extremely high security standards.

The easy-to-use Nets Passport Reader app has multiple security layers for secure and accurate identification of the person and validation of the passport.

In practice, the app is used both for reading the information in the chip of the passport and liveliness detection with the camera.

In the future, the Nets Passport Reader will be extended to support the digital signing of documents.

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