Novo Nordisk Launches New Social Responsibility Strategy to Defeat Diabetes

Defeat Diabetes, photo by Sala Lewis

writer icon Tormod Birch     Sala Lewis   |   Business     🕐 03. Jun. 2020

At a time of acute global health need, Novo Nordisk has announced the launch of a new social responsibility strategy: ‘Defeat Diabetes’.

The New Strategy
The strategy strengthens Novo Nordisk’s commitment and introduces new long-term ambitions to provide access to affordable diabetes care for vulnerable patients in every country, with an aim to ensure that no child should die from type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes on the Rise
Today, one in every 11 people in the world has diabetes, a figure that is projected to rise to one in nine by 2045 if action is not taken.

Diabetes places a great burden on health systems, and Novo Nordisk is committed to work with health authorities and other partners in the countries where it operates, to prevent and treat the disease.

“Our purpose to defeat diabetes is necessary now more than ever as diabetes continues to rise, and at a time when the world is suffering from the most devastating pandemic in recent times,” said Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, CEO of Novo Nordisk.

“In addition to innovative medicine, we are committed to help societies defeat diabetes by accelerating prevention to halt the rise of the disease and providing access to affordable care to vulnerable patients in every country. Vulnerability has many faces, and diabetes hits the hardest in vulnerable communities. I am proud that we are stepping up our efforts and working in partnerships to tackle the diabetes crisis at a time of profound need,” Fruergaard added.

Reducing the Price
As the first step in Novo Nordisk's ambition to provide access to affordable insulin to vulnerable patients in every country, Novo Nordisk is reducing the ceiling price of human insulin from USD 4 to USD 3 per vial in 76 low- and middle-income countries, which are part of the company’s existing Access to Insulin Commitment.

This applies to Least Developed Countries as defined by the UN, other low-income countries as defined by the World Bank and middle-income countries where large low-income populations lack sufficient health coverage.

The 'Changing Diabetes in Children' programme
To support the company’s aspiration that no child should die from type 1 diabetes, Novo Nordisk is expanding its Changing Diabetes in Children programme to reach 100 000 children by 2030, up from 25 000. The programme provides care and life-saving medicine for children with type 1 diabetes in low-resource settings.

Vice-President of the International Diabetes Federation and partner of the Changing Diabetes in Children initiative Dr Naby Balde states the urgency of action:

“Diabetes is rising in every part of the world and good health is not an equal opportunity. The lives of thousands of children living with type 1 diabetes in vulnerable communities have been saved by the Changing Diabetes in Children initiative. I welcome Novo Nordisk’s efforts to vastly expand its reach and their broader efforts to defeat diabetes.”

Partnering with the Red Cross and the Danish Red Cross
As part of Defeat Diabetes, the company’s Partnering for Change programme with the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Danish Red Cross, supporting care for people with serious chronic diseases in humanitarian crises, is also being extended.

The partnership is supporting the integration of diabetes and hypertension care into the Red Cross’s global health operations.

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