Scania’s NXT Vehicle Created for Cities of the Future

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writer icon Laura Jensen     Scania   |   Tech     🕐 27. May. 2020

NXT is Scania’s vision of what the future for transport in cities could be. It is a self-driving electric vehicle that can change shape, from a bus to a distribution truck, and even to a refuse collector.

“Many of the features have been designed with the future always-online generation in mind. Their lives will be closely intertwined with technology, and we think this concept vehicle will appeal to them,” said Scania's Transport Designer, Michael Bedell.

Designed to Meet the Future City’s Need
The idea, right from the start, was to design one vehicle that would meet all the requirements of the city while adhering to differing regulations and demands on transporting goods and people.

“NXT is a concept of what could be a totally new platform, which allows us to build vehicles for varying purposes. The vehicle is designed for rapid adjustments to meet different demands,” said Bedell.

Clear and Simple
NXT has been designed to have clear and simple styling and features both novel and traditional design lines.

Some of these details are found in the layered structure in both the interior and exterior.

The large windows not only provide a pleasant experience for passengers along the route, but the cross-view also helps pedestrians and manually driven vehicles see surrounding traffic through the windows.

Perception meets Behaviour
“From the start, our aim was that it should not be perceived as aggressive, but be assertive and command respect as a vehicle in traffic,” said Bedell.

“At least, in the beginning, some may try to provoke the autonomous vehicle to stop, and it should be clear that NXT is on the move.” said Bedell trying to foresee the future responses and behaviours of people.

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