Danish Municipality Leaks Personal Data in 400 000 Cases

Security Leak in Kolding

writer icon Laura Jensen     ISB   |   Tech Ethics     🕐 06. May. 2020

The Municipality of Kolding in west Denmark has, since 2012, processed documents containing personal data in 400 000 cases, without taking appropriate technical and organisational measures.

Critical of Behaviour
The Danish Data Protection Agency therefore expresses serious criticism towards Kolding Municipality's unethical conduct.

ESDH System Rights Management Changed
Kolding Municipality has used an ESDH system for a number of years.

In connection with an upgrade of the system, the municipality's supplier changed the rights management to the underlying file structure without the municipality being informed.

The documents, which under normal conditions could only be accessed through the ESDH system, were made available to all 2 400 employees of the municipality when they accessed the folder containing all the files.

This direct access to the 400 000 documents was not logged anywhere.

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