Maersk Drilling Plans to Lay Off 300 People

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Maersk Drilling expects to make up to 300 people redundant due to the effects of the corona-crises.

Staff from Norway, Denmark and the UK will be made redundant.

"We are currently looking at the activity on all our six rigs in Norway. Some [rigs] have a higher workload, while others have much less work than usual. Collectively, this means that we have 100 people more than needed offshore," said Jakob Korsgaard, Director in Maersk Drilling in Norway, to E24.

Navigating the Business in COVID-times.
These are challenging times for most businesses and also for corporations like Maersk Drilling.

"There is great uncertainty about how this crisis will develop,” Korsgaard said and explained that they do not believe the consequences of the Corona-crises to be short-lived.

“Though it’s standard practice in our industry to adjust our workforce to activity levels, it never feels right to say goodbye to good colleagues, especially when so many have walked the extra mile to keep operations running in these very difficult circumstances,” CEO Jørn Madsen said in a press release.

“However, it’s our responsibility to safeguard our business and we are now taking steps to maintain competitiveness in the challenging market environment,” Madsen added.

Limited by Regulations
In addition to the COVID19 consequences, Maersk Drilling Norway is also being affected by the Norwegian authorities' quarantine restrictions.

The restrictions regulate the employees travelling from Denmark or England to work in Norway. These people must be quarantined for two weeks before they can travel out to the rigs.

"When so many of our employees are told that they are losing their jobs, it challenges the motivation of many. But at the same time, it is now just as important that we take care of the measures to prevent infection so that we maintain the activity we have. We must do everything we can to protect operations, it is both about the protection of jobs and customer relationships,” said Korsgaard.

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