Index Ventures Announces $2B in New Funds For New Entrepreneurs

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writer icon Laura Jensen     Jehyun Sung   |   Startups     🕐 13. Apr. 2020

In these times of the coronavirus ruling the state of the world economy, emerging entrepreneurs are facing an even harder start to their entrepreneurial journey than prior to the COVID19 outbreak.

$2 Billion Investment
The American venture capital firm Index Ventures have therefore at this crucial time announced a 2 billion dollar investment in new funds to support emerging entrepreneurs.

Referring to the corona crisis, Index Ventures writes in a blog post"As we navigate these choppy waters, we are witnessing the emergence of a new generation of exceptional leaders who, by doing the right thing not only for their business, but for the people it touches, will inspire the long-term loyalty of colleagues, customers and others they work with."

Index Ventures Wanting to Play Their Part
A pandemic such as COVID19 will need gifted leaders and entrepreneurial minds to get society through the crisis and to the next generation.

Index Ventures understand the importance they play and stated along with their announcement of the 2 billion dollars in new funds:

"Innovation is often born out of adversity, and we have no doubt that the vision of future founders will be critical to the world’s social and economic recovery," Index Ventures wrote.

They added that they are proud to have raised 2 billion dollars in new funds to support this next generation of entrepreneurs.

"We recognise that the path to building a great company is rarely a straight line and has many obstacles and forks along the way. Those embarking on a new venture in the aftermath of this global crisis may face even greater challenges than their predecessors." Index Ventures writes.

"And so we remain as committed as ever to supporting these entrepreneurs with the backing of our limited partners."

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