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Anyone who has been to Copenhagen in the past four years has most likely been to Paper Island. It is a thriving food market with 31 different food stalls. In spite of that, 31st December 2017 will be the last day of its existence. The lease has run out, and it is now time for new things.

Jesper Møller is the man behind the initiative of Copenhagen Street Food at Paper Island. He says: “It has been four exciting years at Paper Island, but it is now time for something new”. Despite the food market having had great success, the lease of the building was limited from the beginning.

The mission of Paper Island was to help food entrepreneurs get started with their business, while contributing to different cultural experiences and adding life to an area of the city, that for years has been more industrial than cultural and flourishing.

The team behind Paper Island is working on a new project in a new location. It is not only a different location but also a fresh concept. A lot of the food stalls will be new ones, and there will be new types of stalls, with a more entrepreneurial focus. The goal is to create a mini entrepreneur city in the old industrial area. There will be a mixture of street food, culture and entrepreneurship.

Papir Island Papirøen

What will happen next to the food stalls left behind at Paper Island? We went there and had a little chat with the food stall owner, Eva De Masi of Madenitaly, at Paper Island.

I asked De Masi: “Paper Islands – what is next”. She replied: “Yes, many are wondering!” After building up their businesses at Paper Island, the food stalls are now faced with the challenge of finding a new location to continue their business ventures.

Eva De Masi is a perfect example of, how the opportunity of Paper Island opened up a food entrepreneurial path. She had previously worked in the food industry, but this was the first time she started her own business. Even a book came out of the venture. A 30 page light read, created while she had the food stall. “I decided to give the customers, visiting the street food, a guide to prepare a good pizza crust, with vegetarian topping”.

Having made the best out of her four years at Paper Island, there is no way that she is throwing in the towel now. She is now looking for a new location where she can continue her business, possibly at Østrebro in Copenhagen.
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Papir Island Papirøen Inside Scandinavian Business

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