We Are Human and Atomico invest in Ludenso


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Norway-based Ludenso completed a pre-seed capital investment round.

Ludenso creates software development for AR solutions for the education industry.

Pre-seed Round
The funding was provided by local angel investors Johan Brand and Jamie Brooker, through their investment company We Are Human, as well as by Johan Brand, on behalf of Atomico, as part of its angel investment program.

Ludenso Background
Founded in 2018 and led by CEO Eirik Wahlstrøm, Ludenso creates AR solutions with an aim to revolutionise education as we know it up until now.

"To make education more creative and engaging, we are now developing AR solutions that are tailored to both students and teachers," Ludenso writes on their webpage.

Ludenso has built an AR kit with both AR headset and physical tracker objects.

The headset lets you utilise your smartphone to experience your own creations in real life. It has no electronics, and it can be adjusted to fit different sizes and visions.

Ludenso Starts AR Research Project with the University of Oslo
Ludenso has recently announced that they are starting a collaboration with the University of Oslo in order to potentially better the learning methods.

"The goal of this research project is to develop a cross curricular educational program for active design based learning with AR technology," Ludenso states.

This means that the University of Oslo will develop guidelines for further development, using design methods and principles for multidisciplinary education.

The project will be led by Professor Hans Christian Arnseth from the Institute for Pedagogy.

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