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writer icon Samuel Christiansen     Shaah Shahidh   |   Tech     🕐 26. Feb. 2020

Automation Lab is putting the finishing touches on their new technology to log and register the data of service boats. In collaboration with Tuco Yacht Værfts, Kortermann-IT and the University of Southern Denmark, the company has created a data logger through the innovation programme “Digital Omstilling – Innovationssamarbejder”, run by Business Hub Fyn and Odense Robotics.

The system allows boat owners to adjust their boats’ journeys to ensure the best possible sailing conditions, which can save time, costs and fuel consumption.

Automation Lab has created new intelligent tools for service boats to ensure the safest journeys and best operations with their data logger using AI.

AI Suggests Best Route
The AI in the system’s software teaches the data logger to learn from past scenarios, store them in its memory, and suggest ideal sailing routes based on past journeys.

Data concerning the boat’s motor, oil, fuel, speed, as well as weather and wind conditions, is logged in the system.

By registering this data, boat owners can monitor their boats from the land and adjust the boats’ sailing routes to ensure optimal sailing conditions, reduce sea sickness amongst passengers and minimise fuel consumption.

“Automation Lab has developed a system that will help ensure the smoother operation of service boats, while saving time, costs and fuel consumption. The digitalisation and combination of the data logger and customisable user interface for service boats has a great potential for the maritime market,” says Thomas Gammelgaard, Project Manager at Odense Robotics, who assisted Automation Lab throughout the programme.

The new data logger operates on technology from an IoT platform, which builds on Automation Lab’s existing system for large ships and industrial IoT solutions.

Collaboration to Expand the Project
Automation Lab developed the data logger together with Tuco Yacht Værfts, Kortermann-IT and the University of Southern Denmark.

The system was designed based on insights that were gathered through questionnaires facilitated by Tuco Yacht Værfts, who also facilitated system testing later on.

Besides the logging of data, Automation Lab also wanted to ensure an improved user interface to manage user access, rights and restrictions.

Thanks to Kortermann-IT an interface was developed, while the University of Southern Denmark helped obtain wave and current data not registered by the data logger.

The data resulted in a viewing portal, which can be used for analysing data from ashore.

Accelerated Development
Since January 2019, Automation Lab has developed their system through the programme Digital Omstilling – Innovationssamarbejder, run by Odense Robotics and Business Hub Fyn.

“We are very pleased with the assistance we received through Digital Omstilling – Innovationssamarbejder. Participating in the programme meant that we had the knowledge and help we needed to develop our data logger. The funding and project guidance we got from Odense Robotics and Business Hub Fyn enabled us to speed up the development of our technology by accelerating our processes,” says Claus Walther Jensen, CEO, Automation Lab.

Through the programme, Automation Lab got access to project guidance, funding and administrative assistance necessary to accelerate the technology for their product.

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