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Danish jewellery company Pandora sets up a new unit to drive digital innovation and to "deliver seamless customer experiences online and offline", Pandora declares in a press release.

Pandora's New Digital Group
Pandora is establishing a dedicated group at its Copenhagen headquarters to boost the company’s digital presence, omnichannel expertise, and use of data.

At the new unit, Pandora will be bringing together software engineers, designers, and analysts. A group which will be tasked with the rapid evolution of Pandora’s digital customer experience and driving sales through digital channels.

The group will also strengthen Pandora’s abilities to capture, analyse and apply customer data, in order to enable better personalisation of the customer experience.

Data-Driven Customer Growth
"How we derive the benefits from technology and data to create a great customer experience is key for us as a global brand", says David Walmsley, Chief Digital and Omnichannel Officer.

Walmsley continued, "today marks the next stage in Pandora’s digital transformation, as we make this significant investment in our technological capabilities". 

"Data-driven customer growth is a strategic bet for Pandora and our ambition is to become best in class at personalisation within 2-3 years. This group will be instrumental in delivering on our aspirations within advanced data analytics", says Peter Holmberg, Chief Information Officer.

The new group will include much-expanded in-house development teams, an in-house user experience design studio, new supporting planning functions and significantly strengthened data analytics teams.

Placement of the New Unit
Situating the group in Copenhagen will allow Pandora to take an important role in contributing to the growing Danish tech scene.

Pandora expects to hire around 80 new employees in 2020 and expand further in 2021. Key roles include product managers, digital engineers, operations managers, strategy managers and data analysts.

The group is expected to become operational in April 2020.

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