North Pole is Moving at Record Speed


writer icon Carsten Kristensen     Jeremy Bishop   |   Business     🕐 18. Dec. 2019

Far too few people are aware that the magnetic North Pole is moving at record speed.

The Speed of the Magnetic Movements
The magnetic pole in the north moves over time due to changes in the earth's magnetic field. The last couple of years have been exceptional. The North Pole has been moving at a much more rapid pace than scientists had estimated.

The North Pole is moving away from Canada and in the direction of Siberia in Russia.

The speed of movement is the fastest to be documented in the Northern Hemisphere since the 16th century, according to a new study from the US Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

"The magnetic North Pole slowly migrated away from northern Canada from the 1950s until around 1990 before accelerating over the last 20 years from 10 kilometres a year to over 50 [km]," Ciaran Beggan of the British Geological Survey told the Mail Online.

The Consequence
Aside from the fact that it can become more difficult to see the Northern Lights from northern Canada, the movements of the North Pole already have consequences for flight and boat navigation systems.

Ultimately, navigation systems used by the aviation industry and the shipping industry are already affected and the displacement may also affect GPS systems used in smartphones.

However, the situation is fairly different for the magnetic South Pole, which has so far been at rest for the last 100 years, according to E24.

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