Barbara Plank and Sebastian Risi Receives DKK 12,3 million from Sapere Aude Grant

Barbara Plank

writer icon Hanne Larsen     ITU   |   Tech     🕐 02. Dec. 2019

Lecturers Barbara Plank and Sebastian Risi received a total of 12,3 million Danish Kroner from the Free Research Foundation of Denmark's Sapere Aude program.

35 Selected
The two lecturers at the IT University are among the 35 selected Danish researchers who received a grant from the Free Research Foundation of Denmark Sapere Aude Program.

“A Sapere Aude grant is a huge pat on the shoulder, and it has a great impact on the recipient's opportunities to continue and build a research area,” said the head of IT University Martin Zachariasen.

The Free Research Foundation of Denmark received a total of 346 applications, whereof 35 researchers were selected and awarded a total of 208 million Danish Kroner.

“The Free Research Foundation of Denmark has pointed to the most talented, young researchers with an emphasis on pioneering ideas and leadership ambitions in the best interests of Denmark's future,” states Chairman of The Free Research Foundation of Denmark, David Dreyer Lassen in a press release.

A New Adventure
Barbara Plank, who is an associate professor of Computer Science, and Sebastian Risi, who is an associate professor of Digital Design, are now ready to embark on a new adventure.

With the DKK 12,3 million, Plank will be able to dive into her project on ‘Multilingual Variety-aware Language Understanding Technology’ (MultiVaLUe), and Risi will allocate his time to ‘Adaptive Machines for Industrial Automation’ (INNATE).

The two ITU researchers receive funding for their research in language technology and adaptive machines respectively.

Amazon Research Award
This is, however, not the first award Plank has been granted. Having won the prestigious Amazon award earlier this year, for her contributions to the advancements of AI, this allows for her to evolve her research.

At the time, Plank told ISB ”I am extremely excited - the award helps to put research in NLP [Natural Language Processing] in Denmark, and AI in general, onto the map.”

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