Danish Aarstiderne Acquires Electric Trucks

Årstiderne elektrisk lastbil

writer icon Tormod Birch     Juliane Dybkjær   |   Sustainability     🕐 04. Dec. 2019

At this very moment, the new electric food trucks acquired by the Danish food delivery company Aarstiderne, are being branded and prepared for the official launch of the newest e-truck to enter the Danish market. The launch will take place a week from today, on the 11th of December.

E-trucks on Danish Ground
The electric trucks can already be found in the streets of Berlin and Paris. Now Aarstiderne and Citylogistik will be the first two Danish companies to have invested in electric trucks.

The Event
In order to mark this new chapter for both Aarstiderne and Citylogist, the new initiative will be celebrated at an event in Christiansborg on Wednesday the 11th of December. Here, the two companies will be handed the keys to the cars by the Danish Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht.

Prior to this, the Danish Elbil Alliance and Mercedes-Benz Denmark are hosting a morning event where they will discuss how to enable the supplementary green transition of heavy transport in Danish cities.

At the event, Thomas Harttung, Co-founder and Chairman of Aarstiderne A/S, will also be explaining their thoughts on why Aarstiderne has chosen to launch an Electric truck, and City Logistics CEO Casper Svensson will talk about the future of green goods transport in the cities.

A Sustainable Future
Annette Hartvig Larsen, CEO of Aarstiderne A/S, told ISB that Aarstiderne feels that it is important to take responsibility for a more sustainable future for all of us.

"It is important for us to actively do something to reduce our CO2 emissions," Hartvig Larsen said, and the company are now preparing the for the practical changes involved to onboard the new e-trucks.

“We are very excited,” Hartvig Larsen told ISB, while stating that they are fully aware that the new e-truck adventure comes with a different set of challenges. Explaining that they will have to calculate a different driving route, due to the fact that the e-truck cannot drive as far as ordinary trucks, and they will also have to plan stops for recharging the e-trucks.

Despite the extra challenges, "it is apparent the whole world is in need such initiatives, and we are happy to try this new solution," Hartvig Larsen said.

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