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The Velux Fund’s HUMpraxis program has, since 2016, allocated a 108 million Danish Kroner to an array of 22 Danish projects.

Wanting to create value for the Danish society, the HUMpraxis program focuses on enabling ”field experts to contribute insight into the pressing issues, the conditions of everyday life and the systemic and organisational experiences and barriers within the three areas”, according to the Velux Fund themselves.

The HUMpraxis Program
With the HUMpraxis program, the aim is to promote equal collaboration and exchange of knowledge between researchers and practitioners in the social, aging or environmental fields. Each research project supported by the program usually runs for a set time span.

Fund Advisor at the Velux Fund, Nicolas Schunck told ISB that a 3-5 year span of a project is most common. This is due to the amount of money donated per project. Depending on the definite requirements of each project, the donation typically varies between 3 – 6 million Danish Kroner.

On the Velux Fund’s funds webpage, the fund makes clear the importance of the “human factor” in the solving of problems: ” The 'human factor' plays a crucial role in a number of society's major challenges and the possible solutions to them.” The Velux Fund writes.

Selected Projects by the HUMpraxis Program
The following projects are some of the selected few the HUMpraxis program have donated to:

Green communities in the city - civic engagement and citizenship in urban nature and urban ecology (GrønBy). With a donation of DKK 6,418,958 and a project start in 2016.

Demens, magtanvendelse, identitet (DEMENS ID). With a donation of DKK 6,046,450 and a project start in 2019.

Blind's creative use of AI technology (BlindTech). With a donation of DKK 5,092,497 and a project start in 2019.

The Velux Fund has allocated up to DKK 30 million for grants annually. However, they invite other institutions to co-finance projects with them. ”We would like to consider any co-financing from participating institutions and organisations.” the Velux Fund writes.

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