Nationwide Research Efforts for the Mentally Vulnerable

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writer icon Samuel Christiansen     Mat Reding   |   Investment     🕐 28. Nov. 2019

A rising number of Danes have mental health challenges in their everyday life. Meanwhile, there is a lack of knowledge surrounding the prevention of poor mental health, so that as few people as possible develop more severe and treatment-related mental disorders.

Funding a New Initiative
Due to this, the VELUX FUND has decided to support the Peer Partnership project 'Hope and self-determination in everyday life' with 11 million Danish Kroner.

The project aims to develop and measure a new early peer effort that, through group and individual co-operation, strengthens the hope and ability of the mentally vulnerable.

The VELUX FUND is the sole contributor to the method development and research project throughout the three-year period.

“The VELUX FUND supports the project because new preventive measures are needed to be developed, so that the large number of citizens with mental illness do not develop more serious and treatment-related mental disorders. At the same time, the project must guide mentally vulnerable people into constructive communities, which is in line with our strategy,” says Ane Hendriksen, director of the VELUX FUND, about the background of the support for the project.

Hendriksen continues:“ As a fund, we have a special opportunity to provide space for development, and we can see that there is room for and need for additional knowledge about the impact of peer efforts in civil society, as more and more efforts depend on peers. The Peer effort takes place in civil society, but depends on the building of constructive cooperation between the municipality and civil society, which we have great expectations for.”

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