Edward Snowden Calls Out Facebook, Google, Amazon On Their True Business Models

Edward Snowden

writer icon Peter Karlsson     ISB   |   Tech Ethics     🕐 20. Nov. 2019

Edward Snowden, today something of a household name, was invited to speak at this year's Web Summit conference in Lisbon. With a welcoming cheer from an excited audience, a deep and heavy conversation ensued, with Snowden taking part via video link.

Six Years On
Six years have passed since 2013 when Snowden leaked secret documents to the public about the US National Security Agency's mass surveillance.

Over this time, however, Snowden has been following the business and tech evolvements of the biggest players in tech, data, and surveillance.

“Their business model is abuse” Snowden said and argued that the true root of the problem is that the US and otherworldly governments have made this behaviour legal. ”We have legalised the abuse”, he summarised.

Snowden’s view on GDPR
Snowden believes that GDPR and the EU data protection act is not hitting the nail on the head. It has been created to protect people's data, but on the assumption that the data has been collected legally and with the full comprehension of the user, which is rarely the case, Snowden explains.

He is referring to the vast data-gathering carried out by both the government and the tech giants; Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

There is still a long way to go in protecting the public from mass surveillance, Snowden finds. Despite this, a lot has happened and people are having the right kinds of conversations.

See the full interview with him here:

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