Jyske Bank and Nets Enter into New Agreement on Card Payments

Jyske Bank direktør Peter Schleidt

writer icon Hanne Larsen     Jyske Bank   |   Tech     🕐 08. Nov. 2019

Jyske Bank has conducted a tender in the area of processing payments with international cards, in order to secure future payment solutions.

The competing bidders have been assessed on the basis of their overall ability to offer attractive opportunities for product development, reliable technology, and competitive conditions. Against this background, Jyske Bank has chosen Nets as a partner.

New Agreement
With the new agreement, Jyske Bank wants to strengthen its competitiveness in the payment area “for the benefit of both consumers and companies that are customers”, Jyske Bank states in a press release.

"The payment area is developing rapidly these years, and we at Jyske Bank will continue to deliver Denmark's best payment solutions to our customers in the years to come", Jyske Bank CEO Peter Schleidt states.

"Our customers want simple, secure and smart payment solutions that work both at home and abroad. This agreement gives us a solid foundation for delivering this and at the same time allows us to continue developing innovative card and payment solutions for our customers", Schleidt says.

Closer cooperation and common development
As part of the agreement, Jyske Bank and Nets will, in close cooperation, explore the possibilities for joint development of new user-friendly solutions that will make payments easier for Jyske Bank's customers.

"Jyske Bank has a size and profile in the Danish banking sector, which makes it very attractive for Nets to continue and strengthen its cooperation, which is the basis of this agreement. We look forward to assisting Jyske Bank in their further development of new payment solutions based on in a secure and stable platform", says Thomas Jul, Country Manager and CEO of Issuer & eSecurity services at Nets.

In addition to the fact that Nets will in future handle payments with cards made through Jyske Bank, the agreement also includes the delivery of a number of other services, including fraud and dispute services from Nets.

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