Psyched at Øredev 2019

Øredev 2019

writer icon Emma Egelund     ISB   |   Tech     🕐 07. Nov. 2019

Yesterday, 2019’s Øredev tech and Developer conference was kicked off. The Malmö-based conference runs from the 6th to the 8th of November and is, as in previous years, attended by a mix of Scandinavian and Nordic developers, networking and listening to talks by field experts from around the world.

The Conference: Psyched
Head organiser of the Øredev conference Emily Holweck ensures that every year there is a main theme connected to the conference. In 2017 it was Next Generation, 2018 was Biohacking Technology, and this year it is Psyched.

Psyched focuses on what happens when psychology meets tech development. The theme came to be through a collaboration with Adam Tornhill, a psychologist and developer and the founder of Empear.

The 15-year-old tech conference has, for the past 12 years, been run by Emily Holweck and her team. At the 2017 conference, Holweck told ISB: "We’ve created this whole conference to change people’s lives. We wanted people to get ideas, to be inspired, to reflect and continue growing –and simply change for the better". A “Why” that still shines through today.

Developer at Bonnier Broadcasting AB, and attending for the second year in a row, Pia Börlin had journeyed down from Stockholm to attend the conference.

“I came to the conference because I wanted to be inspired, and see trends. I was here last year, and it was quite interesting to see that ethics was coming more and more into [the world of] programmers,” Börlin told ISB.

Keen on both ethical programming and an agile way of working, Börlin continued: “We have a choice as programmers with the systems we are building”.

Company Booths
Many of the company booths at the festival this year were occupied by new companies, one of which was Citerus AB. “The reason we’ve chosen to be here at the conference with a booth is that it is one of the biggest conferences” said Helena Solheim, Business Developer Education at Citerus AB.

With the biggest booth at the conference, IKEA seems to have something to say. “Building a whole new IKEA“ was emblazoned on their back wall, as well as on the back of the T-shirts of the close to a dozen co-workers IKEA had brought to the conference.

IKEA has, up until now, hired in groups of developers for internal project development, but there were whispers at the conferences rumouring that this is about to change. “Why else would they spend money on such a large stand, if they didn’t want to hire in new developers?”, several attendees wondered.

IKEA developers

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