NordicMade Announces New Project to Promote Nordic Healthtech in Asia

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writer icon Lisa Mallner and Peter Johansen     #NordicMade   |   Startups     🕐 29. Oct. 2019

NordicMade, the community-run nonprofit promoting the Nordic startup ecosystem, has initiated a new project to further Nordic Healthtech solutions in Asia. The project will enable startups and institutional stakeholders to showcase Nordic solutions and capabilities at major events in Hong Kong and Taiwan for the first time. The project is funded by Nordic Innovation.

Nordic Healthtech companies offer world-class solutions, yet their access to the large and growing markets of Asia remains limited. They lack information, network and resources to identify relevant opportunities and access to Asia, and Asian stakeholders lack knowledge of Nordic solutions and capabilities.

Unique Opportunities for Nordic Healthtech Startups
NordicMade and Healthtech Showcasing in Asia will bridge this gap by inviting the most promising Nordic Healthtech high growth companies and relevant ecosystem actors to some of the most important innovation conferences in Asia: RISE in Hong Kong (April 2020) and InnoVEX in Taiwan (June 2020).

Additionally, they will showcase and connect the Nordic Healthtech ecosystem to relevant international stakeholders at SLUSH 2019 and TechBBQ 2020.

According to Innovation Lab Asia’s latest research, opportunities for companies to commercialise into the Asian region are very good, not just from a market and funding perspective, but also in terms of product development, as healthcare systems in Asia are becoming increasingly innovative.

Both Taiwan and the China Bay Area are manufacturing areas with local governments eager to do proofs-of-concept with foreign startups. Accessing this region will provide unique opportunities for product development, prototyping, and production for both the Asian and European market.

Peter Johansen, project manager at Asia House, who helped spearhead the project, says: “The #NordicMade Healthtech showcasing project is an important first step in promoting Nordic Healthtech startups to Asia. The Nordics have much to offer in this field, and much to benefit from interacting with Asia, yet our presence there is minimal, so far.”

This #NordicMade project is lead by Asia House, in partnership with TechBBQ, Maria 01, Icelandic Startups, Innovation Skåne, Asia House, and Startup Extreme. The project will also work closely with the Nordic Innovation House Hong Kong.

About NordicMade
NordicMade (#NordicMade) is a community-based movement for branding, marketing and outreach, to promote both regional and international awareness of Nordic tech. NordicMade platforms gather and promote news on the Nordic tech scene, and facilitate the NordicMade community.

Connecting continents
Asia House is a neutral, non-profit organisation facilitating commercial ties between Denmark and Asia. Asia House connects stakeholders across organisational divides and provides new, innovative ways for startups and SMEs to access Asia. Asia House is funded by the EAC Foundation and has strong historic ties with Asia.

Danish innovation
TechBBQ is the driver behind the largest startup event in Denmark, this year with more than 8000 local and international startups and scaleups, tech talents, corporates and investors participating in a two-day event at Øksnehallen, Copenhagen. TechBBQ is closely connected with the Danish innovation hubs and startup-communities.

Maria 01
Maria 01 is shaping the future of the Nordic region as its leading startup and venture capital campus. They are a combination of a non-profit incubator, community house, and a club of investors and entrepreneurs.

Lifting public services
Innovation Skåne is a regional innovation company contributing to future public services and regional growth through innovation. They work to provide innovation management and support for Region Skåne’s operations and the development of new industries and fast-growing companies.

Innovation Skåne's work contributes to overall growth in Skåne. They are fully owned by Region Skåne, Sweden’s southernmost county council.

Icelandic Startups
Icelandic Startups is the largest private startup community organisation in Iceland. They accelerate new businesses for high growth within and out of Iceland and connect entrepreneurs and startups with industry experts, investors and leading startup hubs abroad.

Startup Extreme
Startup Extreme is a conference in Voss, Norway. They are dedicated to bridging new relationships and fostering the growth of entrepreneurship internationally.

It is a vibrant, humble, and participatory event, creating an authentic way to showcase the pulse of the Norwegian and Nordic startup ecosystems. It is an opportunity to celebrate innovators and change-makers, and to inspire the future together.

Nordic Innovation House Hong Kong
Nordic Innovation House is a Hong Kong-based work community scaling the best of Nordic businesses. Their support aids members to hit the ground running. They offer a strongly connected local community that helps startups get going by facilitating their work-life, helping them make connections, and offering programs that further scale and refine their business idea.

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