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KÅKÅnomics festival i Stavanger

writer icon Kay Lagercrantz     ISB   |   Culture     🕐 01. Nov. 2019

An informal dress code in relaxed surroundings set the scene for the Nordic economic festival, KÅKÅnomics, recently held in Stavanger Norway.

From the 23rd to the 26th of October, economists, professors, politicians, business professionals, TV celebrities, and even comedians took part in the four-day festival.

“KÅKÅnomics is the first, best and most amusing economy festival, they say, located in Stavanger, Norway“, Festival Chief Jan Inge Reilstad said while describing the festival.

This year’s KÅKÅnomics had nearly 100 events with 200 speakers lecturing, debating, contemplating and performing in front of approximately 6 000 people.

“The point is to have economists and professionals discuss and explain to a broad audience how they see the world develop. KÅKÅnomics is a new format, a new platform and a new meeting place”, Reilstad clarified.

The festival committee had made a point not just to invite speakers from varied professions, but also Swedish speakers such as journalist and author, Fredrik Virtanen, and Danish speakers like publisher Jacob Søngergaard and even our own CEO of Inside Scandinavian Business, Brooke Illummont. Guests partook in several panel debates on how the investment ecosystem affects the GNI of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

”Kåkånomics gave me an opportunity to participate in some of the most important current debates and not least to meet new interesting people across Scandinavian borders”, said Danish publisher, Jacob Søngergaard.

“It was such a pleasure to stand side by side, with the sharpest minds in the Nordic economy”, said CEO of Inside Scandinavian Business, Brooke Illummont and continued: “I find it important, necessary in fact, to have discussions where field experts come together and discuss gaps or areas of improvement in the economy.”

The enthusiasm for the festival did not just come from the panellists themselves. “I love coming here”, said an audience member. “I’ve been coming here with my husband since it started, and I always learn something new and I love how fun some of the economic talks are“.

Reilstad concluded that “it was a great success”.

KÅKÅnomics and the Future
Three years ago, together with his team, Reilstad took the initiative to start KÅKÅnomics. He now shares his future plans for the festival:

”KÅKÅnomics has an ambition to be a platform bringing improvements and options to the economic system, that sometimes seems to be beyond control of democratic governments. The festival aims to be the most important platform and meeting place for economics in the Nordic countries”.

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