Inside Scandinavian Business Enters Into a Strategic Partnership with Hack Fund V

Brooke Illummont and Jonathan Nelson

writer icon Hanne Larsen     Frederik Kaare-Andersen   |   Tech     🕐 22. Oct. 2019

A little over a month has passed since TechBBQ, the Danish tech summit held in Copenhagen. During the summit, head of Inside Scandinavian Business Brooke Illumont met Jonathan Nelson, founder and CEO of Hack Fund V, an investment firm based in Silicon Valley.

Based on their shared passion to help the Scandinavian startup ecosystem grow, a strategic partnership has now been formed. ”Because of your network in and expertise of the Danish and Scandinavian ecosystem, we want to collaborate with ISB”, Nelson told ISB.

Wanting to expand their network and gain more exposure on the Scandinavian market, as well as finding the right startups to invest in, Hack Fund V is now preparing to give local business angels and Nordic based investment firms some healthy competition.

”Through Inside Scandinavian Business, we have close contact with the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian startups, and we far too often see that startups are getting undervalued”, says Illummont.

The Scandinavian Startups
Particularly excited about impact investments, Nelson said: ”I’ve seen great examples of how Scandinavia is far ahead of Silicon Valley in terms of impact investing. Silicon Valley can really learn a lot from that, and Hack Fund V is currently adopting the Scandinavian approach.”

Hack Fund V is more than the traditional investment firm. ”They are deeply passionate about what they invest in”, Illummont explains.

“We are interested in founders that make a difference in every sense of the word. Whether it’s fighting poverty, providing maids and their family health insurance […], or entrepreneurs that work to make an environmental impact”, Hack Fund V states.

The aim of the collaboration
The collaboration exists with the aim to help build a bridge between Silicon Valley capital and Scandinavian startups.

“We have the knowledge and the know-how of what is happening in the local startup communities in the different cities in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and we are happy to help match the right startups with an investment firm like Hack Fund V”, Illummont told ISB.

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