1 million Danish Kroner Allocated for Children’s Science Ideas

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writer icon Emma Egelund       |   Tech     🕐 24. Oct. 2019

Christmas is around the corner and a new initiative has been established by The Velux Foundations to make the wishes of scientific kids come true.

From December this year, Danish children will have the opportunity to apply for funding for an array of scientific projects. The newly allocated pool of 1 million Danish kroner has been created to allow for kids to do anything from building a robot, set up a hive, play with a drone, take a stargazing trip, in fact any science activity they dream of experiencing.

The Velux Foundations
The Velux Foundations consists of two sub funds; the Villum Fund and the Velux Fund. The Villum Fund was founded in 1971 and last year the fund granted 625 million Danish kroner.

The Villum Fund is a non-profit foundation that supports technical and scientific research as well as environmental, social and cultural purposes, and has now chosen to create a pool of that fund for young people in the range of 10 – 20 years of age.

The New Pool
Investing and encouraging children’s curiosity within the field of science is what the fund finds important for the future of our society. In order to reach the children and adolescents, the Villum Foundation has set up a collaboration with the Danish Youth Joint Council (DUF).

“We hope that this can help boost science initiatives in leisure, run by the children and young people themselves - and hopefully the children and young people who receive support can help to inspire their friends as well, to be curious about science and technology, ” says Agi Csonka, Program Manager at The Villum Fund and one of the initiators behind the new pool.

The administrator of the pool, Chris Holst Preuss, President of DUF is equally excited about what this new initiative will bring with it and says:

"It is a 'marvelous pool' where children and young people can apply for money to conduct a course or experiment where a good idea or something is wondered about, researched, tested, invented or tested based on science and technology."

The Velux Foundations told ISB that they will announce further information on how and when children can apply, come December this year.


  • When the fund opens in December 2019, additional information about the application will be available on a new website.

  • Appropriations cannot be paid to persons under the age of 18. Here, funds must be sought with CPR information on an adult finance officer or under the auspices of an organisation with CVR no. - eg voluntary associations, clubs, after-schools, secondary schools, SFOs, etc.

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