Sophia Bendz Becomes Atomico's Partner in the Nordics

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writer icon Wilma Johansson     Atomico   |   Investment     🕐 25. Oct. 2019

Well known and respected within the Tech environment in Sweden and Scandinavia, Sophia Bendz now becomes a partner in the investment firm Atomico.

She made a name for herself in the tech industry as one of the first employees at Spotify, where she was responsible for the company's brand strategy and marketing from its inception until 2014.

Atomico is an international technology investment firm with their headquarters in London, and offices in Stockholm, Istanbul, São Paulo, Beijing, and Tokyo. The investment firm was founded by CEO Niklas Zennström, a serial entrepreneur who is known worldwide for being one of the two co-founders of Skype.

Creating her own opportunity
Bendz went after what she saw as a great opportunity. “I was pregnant with my second child and might not have thought that I would start looking for a job when I was pregnant. But I had an idea that Niklas and Atomico would work closer to the angel network in Sweden because there is such a strong ecosystem here. I suggested that we work together and so it was," says Sophia Bendz.

Having created her own job, she worked partly in Atomico's value-creating team, which consists of startup founders and people with operational experience. In addition to her assignment at Atomico, she also sat on several boards and continued her angel investments alongside.

After having done that for the past three years, she now becomes Atomico's fourth female partner, responsible for the venture capital company's investments in the Nordic region.

A Change
From one inspiring leader to another, Bendz is more than pleased to be working with Niklas Zennström, and says:

“After Spotify, I wanted to test my knowledge in other contexts and it was fun to have a scattered portfolio layout. But now it feels very good to focus entirely on Atomico. Niklas is an incredibly inspiring boss who always thinks bigger than the rest of the gang and so he is like Daniel Ek in his drive. It makes it very exciting.”

Next to her collaboration with Atomico, Bendz also acts as a Business Angel herself. Having invested in more than a dozen startups, whereof some include: Boost Thyroid, Clue, Engaging Care (NTL) and Joint Academy (NTL).

Wanting to chip in and support female entrepreneurs, Bendz has invested in several female-led startups and says “there are many more tough women than you think.”

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