Facebook is losing users in Denmark

facebook losing followers in Scandinavia

writer icon Laura Jensen     Thomas Ulrich   |   Tech     🕐 08. Oct. 2019

From its origins in a Harvard dormitory in 2004, the social networking site Facebook has grown from a student-only platform into a multi-billion dollar global icon. Its popularity and usage has increased annually, and has shown no signs of slowing down, until now. For the first time in its 15 year history, the amount of users of Facebook in Denmark is on the decline.

”I lost trust in Facebook after I heard about the Cambridge Analytica scandal,” says Dane Katrine Larsen, who had been a Facebook user since 2007.

New statistics show that people are now rejecting Facebook in favour of alternatives. Platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp are the most popular options, but these apps are owned by Facebook, allowing it to still have access to an equal amount of data on the users.

Apps popularity
When analysing which applications are the most popular to have on your phone in 2019, security and money-based apps are the frontrunners in the three Scandinavian countries.

Facebook had previously been the app most Danish smartphone users could not live without, according to a study made by the Audienceproject. Its decline has now seen it overtaken by Mobilepay in Denmark, Mobilt BankID in Sweden and Vipps in Norway “Vipps is among the top 10 must-have apps in Norway” concludes the Audienceproject.

The Audienceproject has been gathering data for the past three years and numbers show that from 2016 to 2018 Denmark's favourite app was Facebook, with 32 percent of those questioned claiming it to be their top choice. Mobilepay was in second at that time. However, in 2019 the popularity of the Mobilepay app overtook Facebook by 25 percent.

”The diversity of app usage represents an obstacle for advertisers and agencies wanting to reach their target audiences. Now, more than ever, deep insight into consumers’ app and social media usage and behaviour is a sine qua non-condition to better optimise resources and get the most out of the media spend.”

The Audienceproject states and urges the companies in charge of the social media platforms to have more transparency and better tools for campaigns.

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