TechBBQ achieves new levels of participation

TechBBQ 2019

writer icon Tormod Birch     Frederik Kaare-Andersen   |   Tech     🕐 26. Sep. 2019

Corporates, startups, Ventures Capitalist and Business Angels were all present at this year’s TechBBQ summit in Copenhagen. The two-day event ran from the 18th – 19th of September and took place at Øksenhallen at Vesterbro in Copenhagen.

This year TechBBQ achieved new levels of participation; since its inception in 2012 it has grown exponentially, and went from 6000 attendees in 2018 to 7000 this year. Of those, there were 97 startups and 52 partners.

New initiatives
Last year David Helgason, co-founder of Unity Technologies and part of the TechBBQ Steering Committee, said in an interview with ISB that "It's a healthy and growing community, but with the potential to grow more."

Not resting on his laurels, Helgason had help putting together a new initiative to help boost the investment into the Icelandic startup scene. As an addition to the TechBBQ summit, the Icelandic embassy opened their doors to Business Angels and Venture Capitalist to meet upcoming Icelandic startups.

Another improvement was obtaining the full space of the Øksenhallens venue. Every corner of the big hall was sectioned into the varying booths. New stages with individual headphones to listen in on discussions were readily available.

The Summit
Bringing together innovative entrepreneurs, creative corporates and notable investors, the summit has undoubtedly grown to a new level.

Founder and CEO of EduMode, Aske Sønderby Knudsen, had invested in a booth to promote his product. “There have been a lot of great gigs, both those I’ve been looking for, investors and such, but also those I didn’t expect to meet.” Sønderby Knudsen continued “maybe we will do some interesting stuff I didn’t think of before today."

This year the summit attracted high rollers from the investment industry, companies such as SoftBank, PreSeed Ventures, Hack Fund V, Scale Venture Partners, Index Ventures, Seed Capital and many more.

Aaron Ross was one of the speakers at TechBBQ. He is best known for his two bestselling books “From Impossible To Inevitable” and “Predictable Revenue”, in which he writes about the systems and tactics that have helped companies create billions of dollars. Ross was asked by startups for feedback and anything that could benefit their businesses, and he was more than happy to oblige:

“something I really love about people here at the conference is how interested people are in what’s gonna help the company grow,” Ross noticed that one common flaw with the startups was their lack of focus on sales:

“Startups just need to let go of their fear of selling, and being seen as ‘salesy’, and realise you need how to learn how to sell, if you want your business to be successful.”

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