Telenor’s Hacked Customer Data Now in Competitor's Hands

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writer icon Peter Karlsson     Telenor   |   Tech     🕐 16. Sep. 2019

On Friday it was clear that the telecommunications operator Telenor was subjected to a data breach in a sales support system.

Over a period of time, personal data was leaked from 32 087 customer accounts from Swedish Telenor’s internal system.

The personal data has since reappeared in the hands of a Swedish telemarketing company called Abonnera Sverige AB, who were using the data to recruit customers to the competitor telemarketing company Three.

The hacked information
The intrusion in the system was re-occurring and was detected through an automated frequency analysis of the number of requests in the current database

The leak had been ongoing for the past six months and was only noticed due to a number of reoccurring requests in the database.

The leaked personal information is expected to be; name, address, telephone number, type of service, the amount of service usage, price of paid services, invoice information, and each person’s PUK code for unlocking blocked sim cards.

According to Swedish Computer Sweden a source claimed that Telenor's data breach was due to the use of login information linked to a user account to perform searches in the system. How they then used the information to access customers' subscription information is something Telenor is looking further into.

Telenor and Three
Telenor has been in contact with affected customers and stated that their information is currently being used for "unserious marketing" and in an attempt to make sales on behalf of the competing teleoperator.

Telenor also took swift action and contacted Three themselves.
”We have set up our own investigation and we are in continuous dialogue with both Telenor and Abonnera [Abonnera Sverige AB]. We cannot at the moment rule out that there has been something criminal” says Mårten Lundberg, Communications Manager.

Three are not able to confirm whether or not they may have gained customers specifically due to Abonnera Sverige AB’s faulty conduct, but Lundberg says they are not able to rule out that fact and explains that this is something the continued investigation may show.

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