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writer icon Kristine Hanson     ISB   |   City     🕐 17. Sep. 2019

”Close selected roads for cars on Sundays and make them active urban spaces for children and adults,” says Lone Loklindt, politician and leader of the Radical Left at Frederiksberg Municipality.

Loklindt wants to shut down selected roads in the city of Frederiksberg on Sundays and turn the roads into active urban spaces.

With this initiative, the local politician wants to ensure a safe road environment for children and adults to be able to bike in safety.

The latest cycling report for the Municipality of Frederiksberg concludes that the confidence to bike safely among cyclists in Frederiksberg has decreased from 2016 to 2018, which contributes to the Radical Left's proposal.

Loklindt explains why she finds it necessary to take action: ”Seen with our eyes, the increasing number of accidents and, not least, the declining sense of security in parents in relation to letting their children cycle alone, calls for active action. Part of the solution must be tackling car traffic and parking, including a focused effort on making school roads safer.”

Loklindt elaborates that she would like to create an area for children to practice cycling. Suggesting that, on Sundays, part of Frederiksberg Allé could be shut down against cars and have this be a safe open space.

”When the cars are absent from the street, it is easy to see how a large urban space can be utilized for other activities, get-togethers and shared experiences. Citizens will then be able to offer suggestions or host activities. Only the imagination sets the boundaries for pleasant Sunday experiences in the city” Loklindt said.

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