Microsoft's art exhibition "Because we are only human"

Art Exhibition at Microsoft

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In the centre of the open light foyer at Microsoft's hall in Denmark is a distinct art exhibition. The exhibition is called “Because we are only human” and was created by Sanne Frank, Gry Strange Echwald, and Josephine Lochen on a request from Microsoft themselves.

The exhibition
The exhibition was created to shed a light on the human mistakes that occur in the field of tech and, more specifically, on cybersecurity.

Multidisciplinary creatives of the exhibition Sanne Frank and Gry Strange Echwald have previously worked closely together on various projects out of Copenhagen. Frank and Echwald developed the ideas for the 12 artwork pieces, for both the installations and the photographic pieces. They invited photographer Josephine Lochen to join the project for the creation of the photographic works.

Because we are only human art piece

”We like that something so tech can be emotionally relatable. It is an interesting way of communicating and we welcome working with clients as we see art as a means of communication", Echwald told ISB.

Microsoft wanted to create something which could help bring attention to the fact that everyone in our society is at risk of being hacked, no matter if you are a business or an individual.

The exhibition, consisting of different art pieces from photography to hanging sheets and interactive phones placed in physical pile of sand, brought forward a humorous perspective to a serious matter. “We wanted to engage our audience by making human mistakes tangible,” said Frank.

Although people can be trained to a higher level of awareness when it comes to risks of data leaks, Troels Kjær, Brain Scientist and Consultant at the Department of Neurophysiology at the University Hospital of Zealand, is convinced that human errors are inevitable.

“Errors are a natural thing. When the brain becomes tired or stressed, it loses the ability to respond rationally. When we multitask, we often make mistakes. Suddenly you will click on something that you should not have clicked on, ” Kjær says.

Facts About Human Error

  • According to the McKinsey, human error was the cause of half of the data leaks identified between 2012 and 2017.

  • Microsoft discovers 5 billion cyberattacks each month.

  • On average, the cyber attacker is present in the victim's network more than 200 days before being discovered.

  • Microsoft invests more than a billion USD in cybersecurity each year.

“In the meeting between human and machine, mistakes happen. Very often it is an intimate and emotional event that you often try to hide. We wanted to highlight that making mistakes is part of being human”, Echwald told ISB.

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