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It is no secret that preventing stress is a much better solution than fixing the problem after the damage has been made. Anders Søndergaard and wife Helga Halkjær had for years been working with business doing just that, preventing stress at the workplace. They saw a need for a digital solution and started working on what today is known as Resilio.

The Danish, Aarhus based company Resilio, has created a pattern protected app to help stressed individuals relieve their level of stress through a focused breathing and coordinating exercise.

Resilio has chosen a fine name originating from resilience, which is exactly what the app helps you do. By using the app you train your breathing and relaxing muscles, which will help you withstand stress in the future.

The app
Stress has become a public illness which, even in the early stages, affects the well-being and efficiency of people, and Resilios app targets just those people. Søndergaard explains that they are planning to reach their target groups of people through long-term collaboration with a wide range of businesses.

Søndergaard understood that the body’s signals are knowledge and started looking into how stress could be measured on mobile devices. He found that by using the light button on the camera he would be able to detect the pulse and how it was affected by the breathing exercise.

Resilio anti-stress app

The app is constructed as a game where you need to calm your breathing rhythm, in order to move from one level to the next. There are two lines on the screen which will align once your pulse has reached a calm state.

"We know that your mental well-being improves when you breathe in a certain way. It trains the flexibility of your nervous system" Søndergaard explains.

The thought behind the app
Anders Søndergaard and wife Helga Halkjær had previously worked with people and their employers to handle and prevent stress. Teaching and consulting stress relief for years, they understood that the issue was a larger one and they were determined to tackle it.

“I was very keen on developing something that could make a difference too many people - and reach more people than the few we affected with our analogue services” Søndergaard said.

Therefore, it was very natural to look at digital concepts. Since 2016 Resilio has worked to combine Halkjær's knowledge of the physiological part of the stress problem with advanced biomedical signal processing, game and interaction design in a product which we in the coming years hope to help millions of people with.

Where are they now in the process
The app has been patented and is now being tested. Søndergaard says that they are collaborating with an insurance company as well as two other businesses running three individual test groups.

"Research has shown that a combination of so-called psycho-education and research-based breathing techniques can play an important role in the management of stress and related disorders such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. A lot has happened in this field, and in recent years it has become increasingly clear that the techniques we use in Resilio have a huge potential". Søndergaard says.

The feedback we will get from the tests groups will be used in further product development and product-market-fit according to Søndergaard

The product will launch in a few months.

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