The Investor Series Vol. 3

Investor Day in Copenhagen

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On Thursday, the third version of The Investor Series was held once again in the beautiful building of The Danish Chamber of Commerce’s Børsbygningen. Venture Capitalists (VCs) from around the world had come to find golden investment opportunities here in the Scandinavian and Nordic market.

The Investor Series is planned and organised by the Danish startup Tame. Wanting to improve the chances of Nordic startups getting investment, they set out to create events where international VCs would come to Copenhagen to meet startups from the Nordic countries.

“The purpose of these events is to make investments happen. And our goal by the end of the year is to help facilitate 150 million Euro” said CEO of Tame, Jasenko Hadzic to ISB.

Partners of the event
Deloitte, alongside Danske Bank, Vækstfonden, and Denmark Bridge Diamond, were sponsors of the event. Partner and State Authorised Public Accountant at Deloitte Mads Fauerskov seemed satisfied with this decision.

“We are big advocates of entrepreneurship at Deloitte, and over the past few years, having worked closely with some of the fastest growing Danish IT companies, we have seen that one of their biggest challenges is raising funds from international foundations.” Fauerskov said.

The event
A welcoming introduction was made by former Danish politician Brian Mikkelsen, now CEO of The Danish Chamber of Commerce. This was followed by short and insightful talks on tech ethics and business collaborations and investor tactics on the big stage.

The main element of the day was the two blocks of matchmaking between startups and VCs. Each startup would have individual 1-on-1 rounds with selected VCs, where they had 20 minutes each to pitch to the VC. After this, the startup would move on to the next VC they were matched up with.

However, not all went as planned as several startups and VCs had cancelled last minute, which affected the matchmaking schedule.

“The most stressful part has definitely been when people cancel in the last moment, or when they are not at the table [to meet the VC or Startup]”. Hadzic told ISB, as the day came to an end.

“Today’s meetings were really good. We got a lot of really good and negative feedback”, Hadzic summarised.

The event ended with drinks being served, while the startups who stayed on exchanged their experiences from the event with each other.

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