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Public Exposure on your startup

writer icon Kristine Hanson     ISB   |   Startups     🕐 04. Sep. 2019

An issue many startups encounter is their ability to create public exposure. So here is a little helping hand from the team at ISB, on how you get your product or service to be featured in newspapers.

Here is a step by step plan

1. Know your "Why". Why are you doing what you are doing? The overall knowledge of your startup is key, and it will play a large role in the storytelling and marketing of your company.

2. Find out what the angle of the article is. Are you launching something new? Did you get a new investor? Did you enter into a new market? Did your startup venture into a new area? Are you using a special sales tactic which has given you extraordinary financial gain? Have you partnered up with a larger corporation?.

3. Facts. Make sure that you always submit facts about your startup. Eg.: Who founded the company? When was the company founded? What is the full name of the company? What is your turnover? How many cases have you solved or products have you sold? And so forth.

4. Quotes. Add a few short and concise quotes. Try to keep the quotes to one or two sentences. If you have more to say then make a new quote, again keeping it to a minimum. This way it is easier for the journalist writing the article to write a sharp piece.

5. Practise being interviewed. A journalist might contact you via mail or phone to ask you for further details. When they do, make sure that you have been practising potential questions. Here you must also be short and precise in your answers. Only give deep and long answers if the journalist asks you for an in-depth explanation.

6. Leave the journalist with more information. When pitching your press coverage angle, it is good if you make an opening ending. E.g.: "Now we are entering into the Swedish market, with plans to expand to the Norwegian market in due course". By doing this newspapers are then more likely to do a followup article later.

7. Picture. Send in a professional picture for the article you are proposing. Remember to submit the name of the photographer so that he or she may be credited with the photo.

8. Share the published article on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In, and link to the newspapers name. Newspapers keep track of what articles get the most views and if yours receives many viewings, they are more likely to write about you again.

9. Leave your ego at the door before contacting a newspaper. Keep in mind that all newspapers have ‘freedom of speech’ and are free to change the angle of the article if they find that this will make their piece stronger. Be aware of this, and act accordingly.

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