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Petter A Stordalen

writer icon Peter Karlsson     Strawberry Press   |   Business     🕐 03. Sep. 2019

“Quit more often” is a phrase often used by the Norwegian billionaire Petter A. Stordalen. With a business empire consisting of over 190 hotels throughout Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, Stordalen is known as the Hotel King of Scandinavia.

His eccentric personality and high level of energy is not that of a typical Norwegian, a nation renowned for placidity and rational behaviour.

From no job to and icon
Stordalen has made his personality his trademark and has become one of the most iconic figures in the Norwegian and Scandinavian business scene.

“As so many people know, I am extremely positive” he said on the stage of NHO Travel industry’s Annual Conference earlier this summer. It is undoubtedly his charisma and passionate nature which engages people and adds weight to everything that he says.

Don’t hold back
Quitting your job and going after what you want in life, is where he puts his emphasis. ”If you want to be an artist, quit your job and go be an artist. If you want to have your own business, quit your job and go and start your own business“ Stordalen said.

Stordalen's drive and focus was born in the face of adversity, as his initial success was initiated after losing his job.
He purchased a small hotel and a week later at a conference, he declared that he was going to build Norway’s biggest hotel corporation. He recalls being ridiculed and laughed at, but he used that as additional motivation.

"I didn't master any of the things I had to master as a kid" Stordalens said. And so he had to find his own way in life, which he managed admirably.

Getting fired from his job was a blessing in disguise. He recognised that, and now often recommends people to not hold back on their dreams, no matter how big or unrealistic they seem. “Quit your job and go for it” is the recommendation from one of Scandinavian most successful billionaires.

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