Three of the World's Best Restaurants Are Scandinavian


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Three Scandinavian Michelin-starred restaurants have made the top 50 list, placing at second, fifth and 21st place of the World's Best Restaurants.

The World's 50 Best Restaurants sees just over 1000 chefs, journalists, and gastronomers from around the world vote on their ten favourites. It has "earned its legitimacy as a compass for fledgling gourmets, unveiling up-and-coming chefs and culinary trends .. from around the world."

Noma conceptualised anew
Coming in second on this year's list is two-Michelin-starred Danish restaurant, Noma. Or rather, the new and relaunched Noma, which is now situated in a more 'artsy' part of Copenhagen, on Refshalevej Island.

"When Noma relaunched, Redzepi introduced a new dining structure in which the restaurant offers three menus per year, each roughly 20-courses, based on the top ingredients available during a given season.”

The relaunch was a very bold move, as the old Noma seemingly had it all. It was four-time winner of the ‘World’s Best’ title, it already had two Michelin stars, and chef Rene Redzepi was well-known for having created and fronted 'new Nordic cuisine' there.

As shared with Bloomberg in 2018, it was definitely risky business to re-conceptualise and move to a new location. “When you actually move like we do, you lose everything. Michelin stars are gone. Rankings are gone. Everything is gone. But we still have our creativity,” Redzepi said at the time.

In addition to 'creativity', Noma also kept its name. This likely went some way towards holding onto its world-class reputation, and regaining the two Michelin stars.

Organic and wild Geranium
Slightly further the list we find another Danish restaurant, Geranium, which is also situated in Copenhagen. It comes in at fifth place for its "17-plus inspired, artistic courses composed of organic and wild Scandinavian ingredients." Having notably moved up from placing 19th last year, and at 49th place when it first made the list back in 2012.

However, the fact that Geranium ranks lower than Noma on the ‘World’s Best’, speaks very little of its value in the world of fine dining. By way of illustration, Geranium's chef Rasmus Kofoed (pictured) "is the first chef in Denmark to have earned three Michelin stars, which the French fine dining guide granted to Geranium in 2016." 

Nordic with Asian notes
Meanwhile in Sweden's capital, Stockholm, fellow three-Michelin-starred restaurant Frantzén comes in at No.21 for "a unique hybrid of Nordic cuisine that marries classic and modern techniques inspired by local and international tradition with Asian notes."

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