87 Percent Increase in Electric Car Sales

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writer icon Tormod Birch     Jannes Glas   |   Business     🕐 02. Jul. 2019

There is no end to the popularity of electric cars in Norway, it seems. New numbers show that nearly half of all cars purchased this year were electric vehicles (EV).

Last month, 7428 zero emissions cars were registered in Norway. An increase of 3455 cars since June last year.

Zero emissions cars had a market share of 48.4 percent this June in Norway. Petter Haugneland, Deputy Chairman of the Norwegian Electricity Association is amazed by these new numbers.

”The numbers are fantastic. We continue to show the world that an emissions-free car fleet is possible as long as we have the consumers on our side,” Haugneland says, with big plans for the future.

We asked a citizen of Oslo, Johannes Peterson, how he feels about the growing number of EVs. ”I understand the interest completely. We [Norwegians] are very aware of our society and want to take care of it and of our nature, and in general not pollute so much. So buying an electric car is not a foreign concept to us.”

Not only are electric cars changing the scenery of Norwegian roads. But one model in particular is proving to be considerably more popular than all others, and that is Tesla Model 3.

Three times as many Tesla Model 3-cars were sold than of runner-up model, Volkswagen Golf. Of the top ten best-selling models in June, nine were EVs, and one was hybrid.

"It is unusual for one model to dominate the market as markedly as Tesla Model 3 has done so far in 2019," says Øyvind Solberg Thorsen, Director of the Road Traffic Information Council (OFV).

Six months into 2019 and the expected annual sales numbers for electric cars have already been reached.

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